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Product Grading


Most of our products are given a grade that reflect their physical condition. All of our refreshed notebooks are tested to ensure that they are working up to factory specifications.


Here's how to tell the difference! 


Grade A: 

  • Product is in Very Good condition
  • Product may contain minor signs of wear/cosmetic imperfections


Grade B: 

  • Product is in Good condition 
  • Product may contain cosmetic blemishes such as:
    • Signs of wear along the exterior of the unit
    • Minor scratches
    • Minor hairline crack along the exterior (up to 3 cm) 
    • Signs of wear on the palm rest area
    • Shiny keys


Boxxaroo takes pride in the quality of products, each unit sold are thoroughly tested and inspected prior to it leaving our facility. We include a certificate of quality with each unit sold, if you have any questions about our product quality or our grading system, feel free to contact us!