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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


What types of payment to you accept?

  • We accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and PayPal.

Where do you ship to?

  • Boxxaroo provides FREE shipping anywhere within Canada and the continental U.S.

Am I able to make changes, or cancel my order? 

  • Boxxaroo will generally have your order shipped withing 48-72 hours of the order being placed, any changes or cancellations to your order can be made until the order is shipped.

What is a Refurbished/Refreshed product?

  • A refurb/refreshed product is one that has been previously owned. Boxxaroo performs a full diagnostic and refresh at our facility to ensure the product is performing at factory specifications. (For more information, visit our Product Grading page)

What is a New Opened Box item?

  • New opened box items are generally products in which the factory seal or packaging was opened or damaged, and the retailer is no longer able to sell that product at it's retail price. In most cases, the products are still brand new, but Boxxaroo is able to provide large discounts on the product because of the opened/damaged packaging. 

I'm having hardware issues with my notebook, what can I do?

  • If you are experiencing issues with certain hardware components on your notebook, our first suggestion is to update the unit's drivers from the factory website. If that does not solve your immediate problem, please contact us and we will try to guide you through a troubleshooting process. If that still does not solve the issue, Boxxaroo will be happy to have to unit brought back to our facility for repair/replacement. 

When will I receive a refund on a return? 

  • Boxxaroo will provide a refund for customers once the unit is returned and inspected, generally 24-48 hours upon the unit being received at our facilities.