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Top Brands, excellent performance at discounted price

Posted by Ramesh Nair on


ShylocK   redflag forum
15th  April 2016

I bought this exact one from boxeraoo last time and it did have an ips screen...dropped 16 gigs and ssd and upgraded to win 10...Works great and definitely comes with 9 cell.

Happy with purchase and i love the feel of the keyboard if u type a lot.

It take take about a week to ship last time.

Sinky   redflag forum
11th  May 2016

"I wanted to post a review about the B-Grade laptop I purchased from Boxxaroo to help people decide if B-Grade is good enough for them.

To start off, I ordered this laptop from Boxxaroo for $299.99 ($314.99 all-in, delivered)"

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